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Our team at Safe Central has provided quality security safes and products for the residential and commercial markets across Los Angeles. Owned by lock and safe specialists with over 35 years of industry experience, our team knows which are the most durable and secure safes required for private and industrial use. All of our products are assembled by specialized staff who work together to provide you with the best products and services.

Each industry has specific requirements, which is why our wide range of safes are suitable for various industrial and residential security requirements. From documents, cash and jewelry, through to electronics, firearms, and chemicals, your valuables are protected by our products.



Your important valuables, whether at home, business, or car, are worth their own space where there is no scope of any unauthorized access. Being proactive with having state-of-the-art safes or needing help to your misfortune with a broken safe, we provide a wide range of safe solutions as per varying needs. Whatever you can expect a safe to be – fireproof, waterproof, with most complex locking mechanism or cutting edge technology – we have it to offer you. Check out our range of safe security services for personal, family, business, and commercial safety:

  • Safes for sale
  • Safes for home use
  • Commercial or business safe security system
  • Door lock repair
  • Installing, opening, repairing, and servicing of all safes

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